Our philosophy.

We believe that each wine should be allowed to develop in its own individual, natural way to bring out its unique flavours. We don’t believe that a wine needs to conform to a standard or fulfil specific requirements.


It’s the diversity and complexity of aromas and flavours that make a natural product so very special. It’s exciting to be surprised over and over again by each vintage because of continuously-changing conditions.

Our beliefs.

We love the diversity and unique character of natural products, which is why we stand behind our wines with passion and conviction. It’s what drives us to try out new techniques whilst working in a very minimalistic, natural way.

Natural. Raw. Unfiltered.

MKwine - that’s us, Sabrina and Matthias.

As a garage winery, we’ve been making natural wines - unfiltered and unfined, containing no added sulphur or other additives - since 2018. We work exclusively with very gentle procedures, both in our vineyards and in our cellar: the grapes for our wines are hand-picked very selectively, and carefully pressed. The must is fermented spontaneously in wodden barrels and Georgian qvevri using indigenous yeast flora from the vineyards and our cellar.

Our focus is on Riesling and Pinot noir grapes, but every now and then we also work on small projects with other varieties. The grapes for our 2018 and 2019 vintages come from vineyards in the foothills of the Haardt Mountains in the Palatinate region. The wines from these vineyards are very light, fruity and aromatic, with low, well-balanced acidity.

Since 2020, the grapes for our wines have come from Rheinhessen, where the vineyards are located at up to 300 metres above sea level, and have limestone soils. These wines are characterised by their high minerality and intense aromas, and they have a crisp, full-bodied acidity.

Our story.

We have travelled together through life for many years now. Originally from the Palatinate region, we moved to our adopted home of Rheinhessen a few years ago, and now live in the pretty wine village of Alsheim.

As Palatinate natives, we are enthusiastic hikers and love to be out and about in nature. Whether we’re in the forest or the vineyards, we always have our dog Laito in tow.

Our journey to having our own small winery was a rather unusual one.


Matthias developed an interest in winemaking whilst studying biology in Mainz. Gaining deeper insight into the subject at wineries both here in Germany and abroad, this interest quickly developed into a passion.

With only his self-taught knowledge and unbounding enthusiasm for making wine, he started working as cellar master at a family-run winery in the Palatinate. Matthias has always questioned and challenged everything, including how wines are made in the way that they’re known to most people.

Without any classic training as a winemaker, he approached winemaking with an open mind and simply did his own thing.

How we work.

Sabrina, who in her day-to-day life works as a laboratory assistant, is primarily responsible for MKwine’s marketing and communication. However, she often helps out in the cellar, and during grape harvest, puts on her winegrower’s smock and gets fully involved. Her favourite task is crushing the grapes with her feet.

What’s always been very important to us in making our wines is taking lots of time and intervening as little as possible. Not everything went smoothly to begin with of course, and some things went very wrong, but you learn from your mistakes!

This is how our wines increase in quality year by year.

We finally realised our dream of owning a house and with it, the possibility of having our own winery. Through the acquisition of an old basket press, which meant we could do away with pumps and crushers, we now make wine in our own courtyard in one of the most natural and traditional ways possible; carefully, gently, and with the help of pure muscle power and gravitational force.

Our Wines

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DIGDIN – Riesling

Die Reben zu unserem Basis Riesling wachsen in kühlen Lagen auf Kalk und Lösslehm Böden auf 300 m ü. Nn.
Ganztraubenpressung mit kurzer Maischestandzeit, im Akazienholzfass vergoren und Vollhefelager bis zur Füllung.

Astaroth – Riesling Orange

15% in Qvevri mit 8 Monaten Maischestandzeit
25% direkt gepresst und im Barrique vergoren und 20 Monate auf der Vollhefe gelagert
60% 24h Maischestandzeit, im Tonneaux vergoren und 20 Monate auf der Vollhefe gelagert

FURFUR – Pinot Noir Rotwein

Spätburgunder Rotwein auf Muschelkalk und Rotsandstein gewachsen.
7 Tage Kaltmaceration, 14 Tage Maischegärung und nochmal 7 Tage auf der Maische ruhen lassen. Alles mit ganzen Trauben und Rappen. Schonend gepresst und für 12 Monate ins große Eichenholzfass, nach der Füllung 2 Jahre Flaschenreife.

ZEPAR – Pinot Noir Rosé

Spätburgunder Rosé von alten Reben, gewachsen auf kalk- und kreidereichen Böden auf knapp 300 m ü. Nn.
Kurze Maischestandzeit, danach Ganztraubenpressung. Spontanvergoren im kleinen Holzfass und Vollhefelager bis zur Füllung.

SYTRI – Pétillant Naturell

Ein Perlwein hergestellt nach der méthode ancestrale.
Eine Cuvée aus Morio-Muskat und Riesling.
Die Reben wachsen auf sehr kalkreichem Boden mit einem geringen Sand und Lehmanteil.
Direkte Ganztraubenpressung und Vergärung in Akazien- und Eichenholzfässern.

Opening hours

We don’t have official opening hours, and since we’re a very small business and only produce wines in very small quantities, we don’t usually offer public tastings on site.

We do, however, sell our wines from our backyard, so if you would like to come by, please get in touch to arrange a visit.

For small groups, we are also happy to organise a wine tasting and cellar tour with advance notice.


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